"Keeping Our Culture Alive" 

OGCVCC,Inc. is a non profit organization.

        Our Mission is to provide information regarding the culture, folklore and traditions of 
Cape Verdeans in Southeastern Massachusetts.  The Cultural Center will educate the Community and friends of Cabo Verde, about the Cape Verdean Americans who as business leaders, musicians, entertainers, authors, artist, athletes, community activists and elected officials, have demonstrated a commitment to improve not only our community but our nation.


1.Tobuild a Cultural Center in Southeastern Massachusetts to be located in Onset…a village of Wareham.

2. To collect and display photographs, art and crafts, artifacts, historical data, books, films, music and other memorabilia about the Cape Verdean culture.

3. To provide a library area where Cape Verdean books, literature, history and genealogy records can be collected, stored and made available for review.

4. To provide an adequate classroom area in the Center to be used for classes such as an Introduction to Cape Verdean Language, English-as-a-Second Language, college extension courses, vocational preparedness courses, and other classes of interest.

5. To share the contributions and achievements of past and present Cape Verdean Americans through displays, programs and lectures.

6. To provide a Cape Verdean Cultural Center that will be open to local, national, and international visitors.

7. To invite local schools to conduct field trips to the Cultural Center to share the Cape Verdean history of New England.